User settings

Users can manage personal information, specify the display language, change password settings, set up additional authenticators, and see a list of recently used apps on the Settings page.



How admins configure it

Personal Information Users can change the personal information for their Okta account without having to contact an administrator. Customize personal information and password management
Change Password Users can change their password after verifying their identity through credentials, as determined by your password policy. Configure the password authenticator
Display Language Users can select their preferred language for all end-user pages. Configure general customization settings
Security Methods Users can manage the security methods they use for signing in. Multifactor authentication
Recently Used Apps Users can enable a section at the top of their dashboard that displays a list of recently used apps. Okta End-User Dashboard

The Security Image and Forgotten Password Question authenticators settings features are not available in the End-User Dashboard.

Users can only set up authenticators that are assigned to them in the MFA Enrollment policy.

If any MFA Enrollment policy has a deny rule and the user is in the group and Network Zone that matches the deny rule, the user can't enroll or remove authenticators. See Multifactor authentication.

Secure account changes

Before a user can manage their settings, they must verify their credentials using the Edit Profile button. The user verifies themselves using any two of the authenticators they're enrolled in.

After the user has verified their settings, they can manage their settings on the Settings page.

When a user begins making account changes, they must re-authenticate every five minutes, as configured by the admin. The count begins when they click Edit Profile.

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