Create and edit a table

Tables can be accessed by clicking on the Tables tab at the top of any folder view and can be used to store data across flows.

A maximum of 100 tables are available in an org. See Workflows system limits.

  1. Click + New Table at the top-right of the page.
  2. Give the new table a name and description (default is Unnamed), then click + New Column for each field you want to add. You can set fields to be any of the following:

    • String
    • Number
    • Date
    • Boolean
    • Counter (for fields where the updates will all be adding to or subtracting from the current value. The advantage of using a counter field is that multiple flows can make updates to the same record at the same time without risk for conflicts or loss of data).
  3. Once a column is added, click the gear icon next to the column to edit it:
  • You can resize columns by dragging the right border of the column header.
  • Click a column header to sort by that column or click again to reverse the sort order.
  • You can drag and drop column headers to re-order the columns.
  • Use the Columns button to show and hide columns.
  • Use the Filter button to view only those records that match criteria you provide.
  • Use Import to read data into the table from a CSV file.
  • Use Export to create a CSV file from the data.
  • To add or edit records, click in a row and then enter or edit the values.
  • Click the red trash can button to delete the selected record. Fields that include (Auto) are automatically generated and cannot be edited. For example, the row ID or creation date.

All changes to a table are saved immediately.

To duplicate or delete a table, view it in whatever folder it lives in and choose the appropriate button when you move your cursor over the table name. If you want to share a table with other users in your organization, place it inside a shared tab.

Access a table from a flow

Once you've created a table, you can build one or more flows that reference that table.

To use a table from a flow, add function cards from the Tables category when you click Add Function. Function cards allow you to create, read, update, and delete records from one of your tables. See Tables.

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