Deploy your connector

This is an Early Access feature for existing Workflows users. To enable it, use the Early Access Feature Manager as described in Manage Early Access and Beta features.

The Deployment tab is where builders can publish different versions of their connector to their associated Workflows tenant to test complete use cases or for use in production flows.


A version number for a connector is in the tripartite format <x>.<y>.<z>. Incrementation is dependent on the type of deployment that you perform for it.

Values for <z> are versions for every new test deployment. See Deploy test version. For example, 0.0.1 is incremented to 0.0.2, and 0.1.0 is incremented to 0.1.1.

Values for <y> are versions for every local deployment. See Deploy local connector . For example, 0.0.5 is incremented to 0.1.0, and 0.1.6 is incremented to 0.2.0.

Validate connector

You can test the connector was built error-free and contains the necessary components for a successful deployment, such as at least one action flow and that each flow is uniquely named, without having to deploy the connector to a local environment.

Deploy test version

You can choose to compile and deploy a connector to your Workflows tenant to test it using actual flows. From the Deployment tab, click Deploy test version to deploy a test version. The name of the connector will be prefixed by (Test) so it can be distinguished as a test connector for any production connectors in the tenant. Use this option when you need to test a connector that is already in production and whose flows you've since modified.

To deploy a test version, a connector must contain at least one active action flow.

Deploy local connector

You can compile and deploy a connector to your local environment where it can be used for further testing for production purposes. From the Deployment tab, click Deploy local connector. Perform a local deployment when the connector is working and is ready for production. The locally deployed connector will only be available in your tenant.

When you deploy a local or test version of a connector, the Deploy local connector or Deploy test version button is disabled until the deployment is completed. This takes place to prevent any additional attempts at deploying a connector. Most deployments do not take longer than a few minutes to complete. If a deployment isn't completed in 30 minutes, the deploy button that you used will be re-enabled. If this occurs (meaning, that you did not receive a notification for a successful deployment in a 30-minute period), then likely there was an error in the deployment process.