Add User to Organization

Add a user to an organization in GitHub.


To use this action card in a flow, you must set up SAML support for your app in your GitHub instance. You must also be the owner of the organization.


Field Definition Type Required
Organization Organizations in GitHub. Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
SCIM userName Unique identifier assigned to the user by you. String TRUE
Given Name First name of the user. String TRUE
Family Name Last name of the user. String TRUE
Email Email address of the user. String TRUE
Email Type Email address type; for example, work. String TRUE


Field Definition Type
SCIM User ID Unique identifier generated by the GitHub SCIM endpoint. String
External ID Unique identifier that's generated by the SAML provider and matched against a GitHub user. String
Is Active? Indicates whether the identity is active (true) or should be deprovisioned (false). String

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