GitHub connector

Store and version your data files using Git.

Authorize your GitHub account

When you add an GitHub card to a flow for the first time, you'll be prompted to create a new connection. See Authorization.

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Add User to Organization Add a user to an organization in GitHub.
Add User to Repository Add a user to a repository in GitHub.
Add User to Team Add a user to a team in GitHub.
Create Issue Create an issue in GitHub.
Create Branch Create a reference for a branch in GitHub.
Create File Content Create file content in GitHub.
Create Pull Request Create a new pull request in GitHub.
Custom API Action Make a custom HTTP Request to the Github API.
Read Issue Read the contents of an issue by issue number in GitHub.
Read Pull Request Read a Pull Request in GitHub.
Read Repository Get information for a repository in GitHub.
Read User Read a user's GitHub profile.
Remove User from Organization Remove a user from an organization in GitHub.
Remove User from Repository Remove a user from a repository in GitHub.
Remove User from Team Remove a user from a team in GitHub.
Search Branches Search for branches in GitHub.
Search Organizations Search for organizations in GitHub.
Search Repositories Search for repositories in GitHub.
Search Teams Search for teams in GitHub.
Search Users Search for users in GitHub.
Update File Content Update a file in GitHub.
Update Issue Update an issue in GitHub.
Update Pull Request Update a pull request in GitHub.
Update User Update a user profile in GitHub.