Okta Realms connector

The Okta Realms feature allows Okta admins to partition a set of users within the Okta Universal Directory and manage them separately. This enables you to delegate the administration of users and groups to external collaborators or business units.

Within Okta Workflows, you can use the Okta Realms connector to create, update, and search with realms. There are also action cards to create, update, and search for individual users within a realm.

Authorize your Okta account

When you add an Okta Realms card to a flow for the first time, Okta Workflows prompts you to configure the connection. This connection links to your Okta account and saves your account information, so you can reuse this connection for future Okta Realms flows.

See Authorization.

Okta Realms connector action cards



Create Realm

Create an Okta realm.

Create Realm User

Create a user in a specific Okta realm, based on selected parameters.

List Realm Users

List all users within an Okta realm.

Read Realm

Retrieve Okta realm information.

Search Realms

Search for realms in your Okta organization.

Update Realm

Update an Okta realm.

Update Realm for User

Update the Okta realm for a user.