Encode Component

Encode text into a URL-encoded text for use within a URL.

This function encodes all reserved characters such as space, :, ?, or / for use in a URL.


This function is the inverse of Decode Query.

If you want to build a URL where the value of name is returned from a previous step, then you can use this function to encode that value.


It may be easier to use the Encode Query function card because it will build a fully encoded URL query with multiple query parameters.


Field Definition Type Required
text Text to be encoded. String TRUE


Field Definition Type
output Encoded text. String


If your input is Sherlock Holmes: Detective, then the encoded output is Sherlock%20Holmes%3A%20Detective.

You can use the Concatenate function card to then build the URL by adding the encoded output to https://www.example.com/searchcustomers?name= to get https://www.example.com/searchcustomers?name=Sherlock%20Holmes%3A%20Detective.

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