When you first add a Adobe User Management card to a flow, you'll need to create a connection. This will allow you to connect to your account, save your account information, and reuse that connection next time you build a flow with the connector. You won't have to sign in every time you want to build a flow with this connector. Instead, use the connection that you've already set up. You can create and save multiple connections and share them with your teammates.

For information about account types, licenses and scopes see Guidance for Adobe User Management connector

Before you begin

To obtain the credentials you need to access the Adobe User Management service, create a service account integration using the Adobe Developer Console.

Create a service account integration

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in with system administrator role permissions.

  3. Click Console.

  4. Click APIs and services and then click the APIs tab.

  5. Enter the User keyword into the Search field.

  6. Click Create Project in the User Management API service.

  7. Select the Generate a key pair option and then click Generate keypair. The file is downloaded on your computer.

  8. Click the Save Configured API.

  9. Click the Service Account (JWT) section in your new project (Project <some number>).

  10. Copy the following field information from the Service Account (JWT) page, to the Workflows New Connection page:

    • Client ID: This is the API key value previously generated in the OAuth app or JSON Web Token.

    • Client Secret: This is the client secret value that was previously generated in the OAuth app or JSON Web Token.

    • Organization ID: This value is from the Adobe Developer Console project, in the format org_ident@AdobeOrg.

    • Technical Account ID: The format for this field:

  11. Go the downloaded file, open the file and change extension of the private file from .key to .txt.

  12. Open the private.txt file and copy the text that is between the -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- and -----END PRIVATE KEY----- lines.

  13. Go to the Workflows Adobe User Management connector.

  14. Paste the copied text (from step 12) into the Private Key field in the Connection page and then click Create.

For information about JWT Token see Verify. See also, OAuth Tokens.