Search Users

Search for a user by name or email. You must be a Box Administrator to perform this action.


Field Definition Type Required
Search By

Choose from Name and Email:

  • Name: Search by user's name

  • Email: Search by user's email (Box login)

Dropdown TRUE
Result Set

Choose from First Matching User and All Matching Users

  • First Matching Record: Returns the first user that matches your search. Use this option when you're looking for a specific user.

  • All matching Records: Returns a collection of users that match your search. Use this option when you're looking for a filtered set of users.

Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type
User ID

Unique identifier of the user.

Role Role of the user (user or co-admin). Dropdown

Name of the user.

Login Email address of the user. String
Space Allotted Amount of space (in gigabytes) allotted to the user. String
Space Used Amount of space (in bytes) used by the user. String
Max Upload Size Maximum size (in gigabytes) of user uploads. String
Status Status of the user (for example, Active or Inactive). String
Job Title Job title of the user. String
Address Physical address of the user. String
Phone Phone number of the user. String

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