Upload Attachment

Upload a file and attach it to a record in Salesforce.


Field Definition Type Required
Attach to
Record ID ID of the record.

The ID value also specifies the type of record to which an attachment is uploaded. Attachments are supported by the following record types only:

  • Account

  • Asset

  • Campaign

  • Case

  • Contact

  • Contract

  • EmailMessage

  • EmailTemplate

  • Event

  • Lead

  • Opportunity

  • Product2

  • Solution

  • Task

A custom record type that is created by a user also supports attachments.

If the Record ID specifies a record type that does not support attachments, then an error will be returned when a flow that contains the Upload Attachment action card is executed.

String TRUE
Name Attachment name. String TRUE
Description Description of the attachment. String FALSE
File Content Attachment to upload. file TRUE

This card supports attachments to records that were created by a user or users other than the owner of the account that was used to create the Salesforce connection for this card.


Field Definition Type
Attachment ID Object ID for the attachment in Salesforce. String

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