Salesforce connector

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that provides a suite of services to accomplish business tasks. You can create, read, update, and deactivate users, search and transfer leads, and make custom API calls to the Salesforce API.

Authorize your Salesforce account

You can authorize a maximum of five accounts in Salesforce. See Authorization.

Salesforce errors

See Status Codes and Error Responses for more information on specific errors returned from the Salesforce API.

If you receive a generic error like "Bad Request" from Salesforce, look for the actual error message in the object that is returned by the API.

Authentication errors

If you have trouble connecting to your Salesforce account, see your available Salesforce accounts and reauthorize your account on the Connections page, or delete your account and add it again.

Salesforce connector event cards



New Record Start a flow when a new record is created in Salesforce.
Record Deleted Start a flow when a record of a specified type is deleted.
Record Updated Start a flow when an existing Salesforce record is updated.

Salesforce connector action cards



Activate User Activate a Salesforce user.
Build Record Object Build a single Record Object for use with the Create Multiple Records action.
Create Multiple Records Create multiple records in Salesforce.
Create Record Create a new record in Salesforce.
Create User Create a new user in Salesforce.
Custom API Action Make a custom, authenticated HTTP call to the Salesforce API.
Deactivate User Deactivate a Salesforce user.
Execute Query Execute a SOQL query.
Freeze User Freeze a Salesforce user.
Get All Feature Licenses Retrieve a list of all Salesforce feature license names and IDs.
Get All Permission Set Licenses Retrieve a list of permission set licences by name and ID.
Get All Permission Sets Retrieve a list of permission set names and IDs.
Get All Profiles Retrieve a list of profile names and IDs.
Get All Public Groups Retrieve a list of public group names and IDs.
Get All Roles Retrieve a list of role names and IDs.
Get Multiselect Values - Custom Fields Retrieve all available options for a custom multiselect type field.
List User Permission Assignments Search for user permission assignments in Salesforce by user ID and permission set ID.
Read Record Read dynamically generated fields from an existing record of the specified record type.
Read Related Records Retrieve a list of related records.
Read User Retrieve the details of an existing Salesforce user.
Remove User Entitlements Remove user entitlements from Salesforce.
Search Permission Set Groups Search for permission set groups in Salesforce.
Search Records Search for Salesforce records.
Search Users Search for Salesforce users by username or email.
Transfer Leads Transfer all leads from one user to another.
Unfreeze User Unfreeze a Salesforce user.
Update Record Update a single record identified by the record ID.
Update User Update an existing user in Salesforce.
Upload Attachment Upload a file and attach it to a record in Salesforce.
Upload Document Upload a file to Salesforce.