Search Groups

Search for user groups in ServiceNow.

When you select either the First Matching Record or First 200 Matching Records options, the input and output fields are dynamically generated based on your ServiceNow instance. The input and output fields include the default fields provided by ServiceNow (for example, Active, Cost center, Group email) and any custom fields you added to your user group table.


Field Definition Type Required

Result Set

Specifies the number of emails returned in the response.

Choose a method to filter search results:

  • First Matching Record: returns the first record that matches.
  • First 200 Matching Records: returns the first 200 matching records.
  • Stream Matching Records: passes all matching records from your parent flow to a helper flow. A Streaming input section is added to the card from which you can select a helper flow for streaming and adding custom extensible fields.



Search By

Specifies how to compare input text values. Searches all text fields. Choose an operator to use for the search:

  • Like: return emails where the search fully matches the entered text or number values. For example: search for all subjects that contain Important.
  • Equals: return emails where the search partially matches the entered text or number values. For example: search in the Sender field for records that contain Smith.
  • Starts With: return emails where the search results begin with the entered text or number values.




If you specify multiple search criteria, they're combined to create the query. The resulting output is the group that matches all criteria.

However, if you don't specify any search criteria, the card returns all fields for available records.

Field Definition Type Required


Search Criteria

Record Limit

Specify the number of records to stream.

  • When the Limit field is set to 0, no records are returned.

  • When the Limit field is set to greater than 0, records greater than 0 and up the maximum number of records specified are returned.

  • When the Limit field is empty or not selected, all records are streamed.

  • Default value is 10 million.

  • Valid range is 0 to 10 million.

Appears when Stream Matching Records is selected from the Result Set option.





Click Choose Flow to browse and select a helper flow where the search results will be streamed, then click Choose to confirm.

Optionally, click the empty field under Click or drop here to create and add custom extensible fields that pass data to the helper flow. These fields are added as key/value pairs under the State output object in the helper flow.




Select output fields to display.

You don't have to display an output field for a corresponding input field that you updated.

Field Definition Type


Appears when First Matching Record or 200 Matching Records are selected from the Result Set option unless otherwise specified.

Records Streamed

Number of records streamed in a streaming flow.

This field appears when you select Stream Matching Records from the Result Set option.


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