Activate User

Activate a user in Slack.


Field Definition Type Required
Id User's unique Slack ID. String TRUE

Based on your selections, one or more fields from the user profile will display in the output.


Field Definition Type
Id User's unique alpha-numeric identifier. String
Primary Email User's primary email address. String
Secondary Name User's secondary email address. String
Username User's login username. String
Nickname User's nickname. String
Last Name User's last name. String
First Name User's first name. String
Display Name Name of the user, suitable for display to end users. String
Honorific Prefix User's honorific prefix or title. String
Primary Phone User's primary phone number. String
Mobile Phone User's mobile phone number. String
Street Address Full street address of the user. String
Locality Locality of the user. String
Region Region of the user. String
Postal Code Zip or postal code of the user. String
Country Country of the user String
User Details
Active Status of the user. String
Profile URL URL for the user's profile. String
Profile Photo URL URL for the user's profile photo. String
What I Do An informal profile description of the user's role. String
User Type Type of user. String
Role User's role in their organization. String
Time Zone User's time zone. String
Preferred Language User's preferred language. String
Locale User's default location for purposes of localizing items like currency, date/time format, and numerical representations. String
Department Name of the user's department. String
Division Name of the user's division. String
Employee Number User's organization- or company-assigned unique identifier. String
Organization Name of user's organization. String
Cost Center Name of the cost center assigned with the user. String
Manager ID Unique identifier of the user's manager. String
Status Code

Result of the operation. The connector returns an HTTP status code that indicates whether the action taken by the card succeeded or failed. For example:

  • A 201 Created status code indicates success where a new resource was created.
  • A 403 Forbidden error indicates that the HTTP request wasn't processed because the necessary permissions were missing.

For a full list of possible status codes, see HTTP status codes.


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