Slack Admin connector

Slack is a communications platform that enables organizations to foster collaboration and create groups for specific topics to be discussed. You can use the Slack Admin connector to perform admin actions, such as create, read, update, and deactivate users, and make custom API calls to the Slack API.

The Slack Admin connector supports all Slack features, including Slack Enterprise and Slack Atlas.

Authorize your Slack Admin account

The first time you add a Slack Admin card to a flow, Workflows prompts you to set up a connection for that channel. You must be a member that channel. Setting up a connection allows you to connect the flow to your Slack Admin account, save the data, and reuse that connection the next time you build a flow with this card. See Authorization.

Slack Admin connector action cards



Activate User Activate a user in Slack.
Add Users to Group Select a Slack group by ID and add users to it.
Create User Create a user in Slack.
Custom API Action Make a custom, authenticated HTTP call to the Slack Admin API.
Deactivate User Deactivate a Slack user.
Read Group Retrieve a Slack group by ID.
Read User Retrieve a Slack user by ID.
Remove Users from Group Select a Slack group by ID and remove users from it.
Search Groups Search for a specific group in Slack.
Search User Search for a Slack user by email or username.
Update User Update a Slack user.