Build Row Object

Build a row object. Use this action with Add Rows or Update Rows to create or update more than one row in a sheet.


Field Definition Type Required
Your Smartsheet sheets A list of all available Smartsheet sheets associated with your Smartsheet account. Dropdown TRUE
  • Add Rows: The created object will be used for Add Rows card.
  • Update Rows: The created object will be used for Update Rows card.
Dropdown TRUE


Input fields for Build Row Object are dynamically generated per Smartsheet sheet. For each column in a sheet, an input field will be generated. Input fields will be named with respect to the column they refer to.

For example, if a column is named "Date" in a Smartsheet sheet, it will have a corresponding input field named "Date".

If no custom names are specified, the default Smartsheet naming scheme (Column1, Column2, ...) will be used.

If Update Rows is selected from the Action dropdown menu, then a Row ID field will appear so that you can specify a row.

If the Restrict to... check box at the bottom of the Insert Column or Edit Column Properties form is checked in Smartsheet UI, you need to fill in the correct data to pass data validation. For example:

  • For the Date column type, if 'Restrict to dates only' is checked, a date like "02/12/2018" should be filled.
  • For the Dropdown List column type, if 'Restrict to dropdown values only' is checked, only one option value from the list should be filled.
  • For Contact List column type, if 'Restrict to list values only' is checked, the email address should be filled if email address is available, otherwise, name should be filled.


Field Definition Type
Row Your newly-built row, which can be dragged and dropped into Add Rows or Update Rows. Object

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