Smartsheet connector

Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-based platform that enables planning and collaboration. You can create, read, update, move, and share sheets, attach files, and make custom API calls to the Smartsheet API.

Authorize your Smartsheet account

To get started working with the Smartsheet application, the first step is to integrate an existing Smartsheet account with Workflows. If you do not have an existing Smartsheet account and you wish to use Smartsheet with Workflows, sign up for Smartsheet first, and then return to the authorization process. See Authorization.

Smartsheet errors

The Smartsheet API has a wide range of error and return codes. See Smartsheet API for more information on the API and its error codes.

Guidance for Smartsheetconnector

This information for guidance and best practices when using the Smartsheet connector in your flows. See Guidance for Smartsheet connector

Smartsheet connector event cards



New Row - Webhook Trigger a flow when a new row is created in a Smartsheet sheet.
Row Updated - Webhook Trigger a flow when a row is updated in a Smartsheet sheet.

Smartsheet connector action cards



Add Row Create a new row in a Smartsheet sheet.
Add Rows Create multiple new rows in a Smartsheet sheet.
Add User to Group Adds a user to a group in Smartsheet.
Add User to Organization Adds one or more members to an organizational group.
Build Row Object Build a row object.
Comment on Row Add a comment to a row in a Smartsheet sheet.
Copy Row Copy a row between sheets.
Custom API Action Make a custom, authenticated HTTP request to the Smartsheet API.
Delete Rows Delete multiple rows in a Smartsheet sheet.
List Groups List all groups in Smartsheet.
Move Row Move a row between sheets.
Read Row Read the values of a row in Smartsheet using the row ID.
Read Row by Number Read the values of a row in Smartsheet using the row number.
Read User Read a user in Smartsheet.
Remove User from Group Remove a user from Smartsheet group.
Remove User from Organization Remove a user from an organization in Smartsheet.
Search Users Update a user in Smartsheet.
Send Row Send a row of Smartsheet data to a designated recipient through email.
Update Row Update a row in a sheet.
Update Rows Update multiple rows in a Smartsheet sheet.
Update User Update a user in the organization account.