Update Rows

Update multiple rows in a Smartsheet sheet.


Smartsheet only allows 5000 rows per sheet.


Field Definition Type Required
Your Smartsheet sheets Select from the list of all available Smartsheet sheets associated with your Smartsheet instance. Choose Insert ID to select a Smartsheet sheet by its ID, which is entered in the Input section. Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Sheet ID Unique identifier of the sheet. String FALSE
Rows Each added row is an object. The best way to construct these objects is with a Build Row Object card, accompanied by a List Construct function card.
  • For each row added, a build row object card is needed. Each build row object card takes a text input for each column in the associated sheet, as well as the ID of the row you'd like to edit.
  • Drag the row output on each build row object card into a list construct card.
  • Drag the list output from the list construct card into the rows input on the add rows card.

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