Use cases

Okta Workflows offers powerful features geared towards efficient and automated account management.

Provision and deprovision app accounts

When an employee joins your company, Okta Workflows simplifies the task of provisioning their account.

  • Automatically create their identity in your apps

  • Set user and group entitlements

  • Assign shared folder

  • Send a message to their manager or a welcome message to the team Slack channel

Similarly, when an employee leaves the company, Okta Workflows can deactivate the user account, transfer their digital assets to a manager, and then deactivate the user account three days later. See Provision and deprovision.

Sequence actions with logic and timing

Okta Workflows can create non-activated accounts in all apps one week before a new employee's start date and then activate them on their first day.

If an employee leaves your company, Okta Workflows can deactivate the user account, remove their access to all apps except payroll, and then delete the account after a year. See Change time- and context-based identity entitlement .

Send notifications for lifecycle events

For a lifecycle event such as an app assignment or user suspension, Okta Workflows can notify your IT team through email or Slack. See Send notifications for lifecycle activity.

Log and share lifecycle events

Okta Workflows can query Okta APIs and System Log events, run logic, and even compile data into a CSV file. Then, Okta Workflows can email that file to your teams. See Report lifecycle activity.

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