Update File Permission

Update the permission settings of a particular user for a particular file.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.

Input Fields

  • File ID: Unique ID of the file.

  • Permission ID: Permission ID for the user you want to update. (You can get the ID as an output from the Get File Permissions (see Get File Permissions) or Create Permission (Create Permission) cards.

  • Role: Role you want to set the user to, e.g.: organizer, owner, writer, commenter, or reader.

  • Remove Expiration (true/false): Whether or not to remove any existing expiration date associated with the permission.

  • Transfer Ownership (true/false): Must be set to True if setting a new owner, in which case the previous owner is assigned to "Can Edit" (writer).

Output Fields

  • Output

    • Permission ID: Permission ID for the user.

    • Display Name: Display name of the user.

    • Role: Role associated with the user.