Troubleshoot Okta Verify on Windows devices

Learn how to troubleshoot Okta Verify problems on Windows devices and how to report issues.

If your problem persists, contact your help desk.

Note for administrators: Okta Verify for Windows is only available on Okta Identity Engine.

Okta Verify features are available based on configurations made by your organization.

  • I was prompted to install Okta Verify or add an account, but it already exists?

  • Complete one of the following:

    • Enable user verification (biometrics) in Okta Verify:
      1. Click the applicable account.
      2. Click Enable Windows Hello.
      3. Try to access the app again.
    • Install Okta Verify on a different device, enroll in Push and TOTP, and then use this device to access the app.
  • Can I install Okta Verify on multiple devices and add the same accounts to each installation?

  • Yes, but make sure you do the following:

    • Your first Okta Verify installation must have an account set up with a an authentication factor (for example, Yubikey, SMS, or Okta Verify with Push) that can be used to sign in to the additional device.
    • If your first Okta Verify enrollment is on a desktop device, your second Okta Verify enrollment must be on a mobile device. To enroll the second mobile device:
      1. Using the first enrolled device, open a browser, and then go to your End-User Dashboard.
      2. Go to SettingsExtra Verification (for some users this is SettingsSecurity Methods).
      3. For Okta Verify, click Set up another.
      4. You are prompted for authentication, and then a QR code appears.

      5. With your mobile device, install Okta Verify, and then scan the QR code.
      6. Scanning the QR code sets up Okta Verify on the mobile device.

  • A "Something went wrong. Please try again" error appears when I try to add an Okta Verify account. What should I do?

  • Check the following:

    • Make sure your device has internet access.
    • From a browser, open your End-User Dashboard and make sure you can sign in.
    • Make sure you entered the correct sign-in URL.

    If the problem continues, report the issue to Okta (right-click the app icon, and then select Report Issue).

  • My Account Details screen has a "Your device or account was invalidated for use on Okta Verify" error. How do I fix this?

  • Your Okta Verify account is no longer valid, so it can no longer be used. If you have the option to re-enroll, re-enroll your account. Otherwise, contact your help desk if you need additional support.

    See Re-enroll an Okta Verify account on Windows devices.

  • How do I disable Window Hello?

  • See Configure Windows Hello or passcode verification in Okta Verify on Windows devices. Note that if Windows Hello is required by your organization, you can’t disable it.

  • After I disabled Windows Hello, the "Sign in with Okta FastPass" option still appears in the list of authenticators, but it’s not working. How do I fix this?

  • Disable Windows Hello in Okta Verify, and then enable it again.

    See Configure Windows Hello or passcode verification in Okta Verify on Windows devices.

    If you don’t want to use Windows Hello on your device and user verification (biometrics) is required:

    1. From a browser, open your Okta End-User Dashboard.
    2. Go to SettingsExtra Verification (for some users this is SettingsSecurity Methods).
    3. For the applicable device under Okta Verify, click Remove.

    Later, if you want to enable Windows Hello again, you will need to enable user verification (biometrics) in Okta Verify.

    If you need help, contact your help desk.

  • When I try to access some native applications, the first user verification attempt with Windows Hello fails or is unresponsive, but the second attempt works

  • This is a known issue. In some scenarios, Okta Verify fails to properly activate Windows Hello and bring it into focus. If this occurs, click the Windows Hello prompt to bring it into focus before interacting with the biometric sensor.

  • How do I delete Okta Verify from my device?

  • I deleted Okta Verify from my device. Can I reinstall it and set up Okta Verify myself without contacting the help desk?

  • Yes, if you have administrator permissions. If your enrollment fails, contact your help desk.

  • How do I report Okta Verify issues?

  • In the Windows system tray, right-click the Okta Verify icon, and then click Report Issue. Provide the required information (exclude passwords and other private information), and then submit your report. Logs are included automatically. This data is anonymous can help Okta troubleshoot your problem.

    If the Report Issue button is not available, you are not set up to share diagnostic information with Okta.

    See Share diagnostic information with Okta from your Windows device and Send Okta Verify feedback from your Windows device.