Common application integration tasks

Access Gateway application administrators perform a number of common tasks. Typically these tasks involve adding applications, however often applications require additional policy, changes to application behavior and other modifications.
The following task list includes common Access Gateway administrator tasks.

Task(s) Description

Add an Okta org group

Applications rely on Okta groups to determine who can access an application.
This task describes the process of adding an Okta group for an application.

Enable Access Gateway load balancing in an application Application performance can be improved through the use of load balancers.
This task describes modifying an existing application to specify multiple back ends and their associated weights for routing requests
See also Load balancing.
Manage application certificates Applications can be further secured using Certificates.
This task describes the process of obtaining, uploading and associating certificates with applications.
See also Certificate use.

Manage application essentials

Application are the core elements defining an application withing Access Gateway.
This task describes the process of examining and modifying essential applications settings.
See also Application essentials.

Define application advanced settings

Application browser behavior is very important when managing application session lifecycle.
This task describes the process of managing various application settings including: browser session settings, deep linking, maximum file upload size, enabling debug, content rewriting, host headers and more.
See also Application session timeout interaction and Access Gateway and sessions.

Define application behaviors

Application behavior on sign in, sign out, error, session integrity, policy denied, invalid cerficates and other behaviors can be fine tuned as required.
See also Application behaviors.

Defining application policy

Application policy can be used to fine tune application access. Pages, sets of pages, resource types and other access decisions can be implemented using application policy.
This task describes how to add, delete and otherwise manage application policy.
See also Access policies and Policy types.

Add Database data stores

Add LDAP data stores

Manage data stores

Application attribute content comes from a variety of sources. The most common source is your Okta tenant. However, other data store types are supported as well, for example, Database and LDAP. Access Gateway Data Stores allow you to define external attribute sources and use these sources to provide additional application data.
See also Application attribute data stores.

Configure applications for testing

Application misconfiguration occurs. Being able to troubleshoot and debug a configured application is essential. This task describes how to enable, monitor and disable application debugging.

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