Feature changes

After you upgrade to Identity Engine, some of the features that you used in Classic Engine work differently. To see what changed, select a feature from the lists below.

Devices and Mobile

Device Trust for desktop devices
Device Trust for mobile devices
Okta Mobile
Okta Verify enhanced with Okta FastPass


Email templates


Multifactor authentication
Email as an optional authenticator
Password reset and account recovery
Phone authenticator
Secondary email for authentication and recovery
Secondary email as an optional user account field
Security questions and answers

Office 365

Office 365 Custom User Agent
Office 365 MFA pass claim
Office 365 single sign-out


App sign-on policies
MFA enrollment policy
Okta sign-on policies


Registration hooks
Self-service registration


Suspicious activity reporting

experience

App intent links
Custom app login
Global redirect
Federated inbound sign-in flow
Integrated Windows Authentication
Widget

Prepare your users for changes in their Okta experience. Refer to the End User Adoption Toolkit for training resources.