Get started with Access Requests

Access Requests allows you to automate the process of requesting access to applications and resources.

To streamline access requests for admin roles, see Govern Okta admin roles, Get started, and Access Requests for admin roles instead.

Govern Okta admin roles might not be available for you depending on your org's eligibility. Contact your account executive or customer success manager for more information.

Follow this sequence of configuration tasks to start using Access Requests:

Admin tasks


Configure Access Requests Configure settings and items in Okta that you will need to use in Access Requests.
Create an Access Requests team Create teams to determine who can configure new requests and manage existing ones.
Create a configuration list Create configuration lists to allow teams to automate end user’s access to resources. Configuration lists also control the specific options available to the end users as a request gets processed.
Access Requests integrations Integrate Jira, ServiceNow, Slack, or Microsoft Teams with Access Requests to perform additional actions, or use synced information.
Create a request type Create a Request Type, which is a customizable no-code structure that defines and automates how a user is granted access through a request.
Manage requests Understand the steps admins or assignees need to do to manage a request after it’s submitted. They must always be members of the Access Requests Team that owns the Request Type for the request that’s being used.
Generate the Past Access Requests report View who has requested access to resources and related data points, including whether access was granted and by whom.

Understand user tasks from an admin perspective:

User tasks


Create requests As an admin, understand how your requesters can submit requests using methods like Access Requests web app, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.
Manage tasks As an admin, understand how request approvers approve or deny a request from the Access Requests web app.

Ensure that you've allowlisted the standard Okta IPs for your orgs before accessing Access Requests. See Allow access to Okta IP addresses.