Get started

Early Access release. See Enable self-service features.

Follow this sequence of configuration tasks to start using Govern Okta admin roles.

Super admin task


Configure policies for Govern Okta admin roles apps Learn about the apps that are available when you enable this feature and set up policies that govern their access.
Create an admin role bundle Pair an admin role with a resource set so you can automate the process of requesting access.
Create an access request condition Define which users can request access to which admin role bundles, how long should they have access for, and who should approve their access request.
Assign Okta Access Requests app to users Assign the Okta Access Requests app to approvers for them to approve or deny a request. See Assign a single app to groups or Assign applications to users.
Enable a condition Enable your new access request condition so that it's active.
Create a campaign Create resource campaigns to periodically review users’ admin role assignments.

If you previously changed or canceled your subscription while a campaign was active, that campaign is considered unsuccessful. However, successful review and revoke decisions in the campaign are still honored. If you re-enable the feature, you should recreate those campaigns to determine which items require manual remediation. See Copy campaigns.

Maintenance tasks

Complete these tasks after your initial setup, as needed.

Super admin task


Manage bundles View or delete existing admin role bundles.
Manage conditions Enable, disable, view, delete, or change the priority order of a condition.
Edit approval sequences Modify an existing approval sequence to add or remove tasks and questions. Changes to a sequence impact all access request conditions that use the sequence.
Manage campaigns Monitor or change campaigns to ensure they run smoothly.

User tasks

Understand the tasks that your users have to perform.

User task


Request admin role assignments Understand how your requesters can submit admin role requests from their dashboard.
Manage tasks Understand how request approvers approve or deny a request from the Access Requests web app.
Manage requests Understand the steps that request assignees (also super admins) need to do to manage an admin role bundle request.
Review access Understand how reviewers can review the items assigned to them.