Gmail connector

Gmail connector allows you to read and send emails.

Authorize your Gmail account

The Gmail connector uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorization. The first time you add a Gmail card to a flow, you're prompted to create a connection. See Authorization.

Transfer of Ownership

To use Gmail transfer of ownership features with Workflows, see Authorize an Account for Transfer of Ownership Features.

Gmail connector event cards



Label Added or Removed Trigger a flow when a label is applied to or removed from a message in your inbox.
New Email Trigger a flow when you receive a new email.

Gmail connector action cards



Add Delegate Add a delegate to a user account in the same G Suite organization.
Add Send-As Alias Creates the 'From' send-as alias for account in Gmail.
Custom API Action Make a custom authenticated HTTP call to the Gmail API.
Delete Delegate Removes the specified delegate for account in Gmail.
Delete Send-As Alias Deletes the specified send-as alias for account in Gmail.
Forward Emails Create a forwarding address.
List Delegates Lists the delegates for the specified account in Gmail.
Read Email Read a message received in Gmail.
Search Emails Search for an email or multiple emails.
Send Email Send email from a Gmail account.
Send Email with Attachment Send email with an attachment from a Gmail account.
Set Auto Reply Set auto reply for an email address.
Update User Gmail Settings Update a user's Gmail settings.