Okta Workflows - Production release notes

Current release

Production release of Okta Workflows 2024.04.1 began deployment on April 16, 2024.

This Production deployment also includes the 2024.04.0 release.

Identity Threat Protection with Okta AI

Identity Threat Protection with Okta AI is a powerful risk assessment and response solution that provides post-authentication security to your org. By continuously analyzing risk signals that are native to Okta, risk signals from integrated security partner vendors, and your policy conditions, it safeguards orgs against identity attacks that occur during and outside of a user's session. When Identity Threat Protection discovers a risk, it can immediately end the user's sessions, prompt an MFA challenge, or invoke an Okta Workflow to restore your org's security posture. Using intuitive dashboard widgets and reports, you can easily monitor security threats as they happen.

See Identity Threat Protection with Okta AI.

Important updates for Asana connector

Asana is deprecating their external endpoints currently used by the cards:

  • Add Users to Project

  • Remove Users from Project

Any existing flows that use these cards will continue to work until Asana completes the API deprecation. However, these cards have been removed from the Asana connector. See Upcoming changes to project memberships for details on the change and the deprecation time frame.

If you currently use the cards marked for deprecation, you can update your flows to use the following new cards that replicate the functionality and use the new Asana endpoints:

  • Create Membership

  • Delete Membership

These cards provide more functionality by supporting both the Goal and Project memberships for Asana.

See Asana connector.

Cisco Identity Intelligence connector now available

The Cisco Identity Intelligence connector is now available in Okta Workflows with the following cards:

  • Identity Intelligence Webhook

  • Get End User State

  • Get End Users By IP

See Cisco Identity Intelligence connector.

New System Log event for Workflows execution history

There are two new System Log events for flow execution history. When a user activates or deactivates the Save all data that passes through the flow option, the System Log records the date, time, and name of the user.

Fixes in Okta Workflows

  • OKTA-688152

    In some flows, the body format of the payload was incorrect when an API Connector card was used as the flow trigger or event.

  • OKTA-704077

    Admins received an authorization error when the OAuth token expired for a Client Credentials grant type connection made with an API connector.

  • OKTA-704998

    Flow control Return cards displayed a Duplicate Card button.

  • OKTA-708420

    Flows that used an HTTP connection to web resources failed for some users.

  • OKTA-716447

    The Hash and Sign function cards didn't return properly padded results when using the binary option in the digest output.


For previous releases, see Okta Workflows release notes (2024).