Okta Workflows - Production release notes

Current release

Production release of Okta Workflows 2024.06.2 began deployment on July 9, 2024.

Improvements to the Okta connector

The Okta connector has been updated with the following enhancements:

New action card for AWS S3 Connector

The AWS S3 connector has added an Upload Object action card. This new card enables users to upload objects (files) to S3 buckets through the AWS S3 connector.

See AWS S3 connector.

Workflows templates

The following Okta Workflows template is now available:

See Available Workflows templates.

Fixes in Okta Workflows

  • OKTA-554482

    When scrolling horizontally in the Execution History page, the expansion icon for any long output field moved to the center of the field, instead of remaining on the right side.

  • OKTA-734371

    When executing multiple flows that used a single Google account for the Google Sheets connections and contained any of the Read Row, Read All Rows, Clear Row, or New Row action cards, admins occasionally received a ScriptError message. If you still encounter this error, reauthenticate your Google Sheets connection.

  • OKTA-737380

    The SFTP Write File action card returned a value of FALSE to the Succeeded field, even if the action was completed successfully.

  • OKTA-739820

    Attempting to change the name of a flow while the flow was already being saved returned a blank page.

  • OKTA-740846

    In Connector Builder, the authentication settings couldn't be saved when the Authorize Path or Token Path only used partial paths built on the Base URL. Saving the connection returned a Failed to save auth schema error.

  • OKTA-743767

    The Schedule Flow dialog window didn't contain the previously supported UTC and Zulu time zone options.


For previous releases, see Okta Workflows release notes (2024).