Add an Oracle PeopleSoft application

The purpose of this page is to walk through the process of setting up an Oracle PeopleSoft application with Okta through the Access Gateway Admin UI console and various Oracle PeopleSoft tools.


PeopleSoft Architecture

  1. User signs in.
  2. Send user identity to Access Gateway.
  3. Access Gateway redirects request and sends PS_USER as header field, to Oracle PeopleSoft.
  4. Peoplesoft application responds to request.
  5. Access Gateway rewrites response and returns result to requester.
For details see Oracle PeopleSoft reference architecture.

Access Gateway works with all major PeopleSoft modules including:

  • CRM: /crm/*

  • HCM: /hcm/*

  • Learning: /elm/*

  • Financial: /fscm/*

  • Campus: /camp/*

Ensure you use the correct path for your specific module.

This application uses header variables to exchange user information. You can use the Access Gateway sample header application. See Add a generic header application and Add a sample header application.

Before you begin

Ensure that:

  • You have access to the PeopleTools desktop client.
  • You have access to the PeopleSoft web portal and can access it as super user.
  • Your specific version of Oracle PeopleSoft is supported. Supported versions include:
    • v9.2.00 or later.
  • Appropriate DNS entries for both the header application and the external exposed new URL exist.
    https://ps-external.example.comLegacy application URL.
    https://ps-internal.example.comProtected application URL.

Typical workflow

The PeopleSoft admin and Access Gateway admin tasks can be, and often are, performed in parallel. The following general ordering is recommended.

  1. Configure PeopleCode
  2. Create PUBUSER and configure the PeopleSoft gateway.
  3. Update the PeopleSoft virtual addressing field.
  4. Restart PeopleSoft

The details of each task are described in thier respective sub tasks.




Create a containing group
  • Best practice, create an optional group to be assigned to the application.

Access Gateway admin

Configure PeopleCode

  • Using PeopleTools, make changes to support header-based authentication from the PS_USER header.

PeopleSoft admin

Configure PeopleSoft

  • Configure PeopleSoft to support SSO, add the required user, configure the associated web profile and set Access Gateway as the proxy address.

Peoplesoft Admin

Create application
  • Create the Access Gateway PeopleSoft application.

Access Gateway admin

Test the application
  • Test the application.

Access Gateway admin and PeopleSoft admin