Add an Oracle Application Express app

Create an Oracle Application Express app using the Access Gateway Admin UI console.


Oracle Application Express Architecture

Before you begin

Ensure that:

  • Access Gateway is installed and configured. See Manage Access Gateway deployment.
  • Access Gateway uses your Okta tenant as an Identity Provider (IdP). See Configure your Okta tenant as an Identity Provider.
  • You have administrator rights on your Okta tenant and can create groups and assign applications.
  • You have an external Oracle Application Express- based app that requires protection. Oracle Application Express version v10g and later are supported.
  • Appropriate DNS entries exist for the protected app and its external URL. For example:
    https://app-ex.externalexample.comExternal or customer facing application URL.

    Internal or protected application URL of Oracle Application Express.

This application uses header variables to exchange user information. Access Gateway provides a sample header application. See Add a generic header application and Add a sample header application.

Typical workflow



Create a containing group Create an Okta group to which to assign the app users.
Create an application Create the app using the Access Gateway Admin UI console.
Configure certificates Optional. Assign a certificate to the app.
Confirm attributes Verify the app attributes.
Test the application Test the app.
Troubleshoot Troubleshoot the integration, if necessary.